Drug addiction is The damage of youth

Drug is injurious to health and brain. It is in epedemic form in our young generation. Nowadays which do damage in our society. On other side  people who are  involving in illegal business they earn money easily. Most probably drug addiction  is seen in engineering students and who are hosteler even everywhere its  gradually  increasing.Drug  is like an hallucinates  type of things. After Taking drug  it immediately mix with the flow of blood and  also directly effects in nerve systems. It starts mildly but after,someday  they have to be an addicted.This is doing huge damage  in this society,  people who are suffering from it  they are doing damage of themselves and even with their mutual friends. One thing reminds that’s one life is attached with many lives . Everybody should know that today`s generation is tomorrow’s future of our country. And Drug addiction is  the damaze of youth.

Drug addiction: The damage of youth.

 drug addicted:the damage of youth-1


Some special Types of Drugs:

  • Ganja
  • Heroine
  • Dendrites
  • N-ten tablets etc
  •  Many other types of drugs and addiction are also available  in market.


1.First of all ,Interact with bad people, stay with them.

2.Some people or students they are trying to taste this  and are  trapped to it. He can not come out from this bad habit.

3. To get the sense of freedom.

4. To feel the taste that are grown up.


1. Iteffects  directly on nervous systems, and brain. For taking this type of things they are to be weak from health also.

2.It is effete on their life-styles. Decreases hunger. And makes faces and  body look ugly.

3.It is also greatly effects on your mind and body-language .

4. It also effects on married life .

5. Lastly,this effect on your studies or if you are in professions.


Drug-addiction:the damage of youth-2


First of all, we should be aware about this evil . Yes it is POSSIBLE with strong will power.

We have to appeal to State government that all this types of illegal business should to be banned for forever.

***And we are also running a campaign for anti addiction join us to keep your family members out of this evil habit.

****We are helping people through our campaign to come back to normal life and feel it natural beauty not the artificial which comes from the feelings after taking drugs.

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