South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets With Price:

Indian weddings are all about glitter and shine. When we hear of south Indian weddings, the first things which come to our mind are colorful sarees, traditional music, elegant south Indian brides, and South Indian Bridal Jewellery. Right from earrings and necklace to a Kamarband and Bajuband.

South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets With Price:

And you know what’s the most interesting part? There is a vast difference between the five southern states, leading to a major difference in the bridal looks. This means the difference in their dressing styles, various ceremonies, and different bridal jewelry.

Even though the gajra is the common accessory for any bride, what really makes a difference is the different selections of their bridal jewelry.   

Be it a destination wedding with near and dear ones or a grand temple wedding, the brides are the center of attention. South Indian brides always wear elegant bridal makeup and heavy South Indian bridal jewellery.

We at Hiranya Jewelers cater to you with the best gold jewelry and accessories to bring a dazzling look on the bride’s big day.

Let us take you on the tour of the diversified pieces of jewelry of South India : South Indian Bridal Jewellery sets with price:


Weddings at the temple are well admired in South Indian Tradition. And so temple jewelry has a remarkable position in South Indian bridal jewelry sets. This jewelry adds an exotic vibe to the look of the bride. The best part about south Indian jewelry is the major differences in each jewelry which makes every design unique.

  • Temple jewelry is famous for the pendants with Nakshi work. They have heavy use of pearls, diamonds, polki, and precious stones. If you desire to go for a traditional yet one-of-its-kind look, make sure to buy these South Indian Jewellery sets from the Hiranya jewelers. Temple jewelry includes chokers, jhumkas, armbands, etc.


Kasulaperu or Kasu haram (Kasu Mala) is a ‘must-have’ south Indian jewellery. It has a traditional yet ageless and classic look. The Kasu malas consist of coins and embossed designs over them. They come in both shiny and matte antique finishes. This jewelry of Kerala is famous among brides for its timeless and one of its kind design. The coins have Goddess Lakshmi carved in them.

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Manga Malai or mango necklace is also one of the most liked jewelry in south Indian culture. It can not only be worn on the wedding day but also on other functions as well. It can be well styled with Kanjeevaram sarees and slay the look. The name mango necklace comes from the patterns of this unique jewelry. Because of this not-so-bridal look, Manga Malai creates a very different yet statement look for the D-day.


Kamarbands or waist chains have a special place in the south Indian jewelry segment. These are very elegant and enhance the beauty of the bride so much when paired with kanjeevaram or silk sarees. They are also called vaddanams or vadiyanams.

Traditional vaddanams have Goddess Laxmi in the middle of the band. They have various designs be it in gold, silver, embellished, or precious stones.


Bajubands or vanki are the other names of armbands which the south Indian brides have been wearing for a very long time. It looks very sober and elegant and can also be worn on days other than the big day.


A South Indian bride’s look will be incomplete without the use of flowers in her hair and the Jada Billa.

Brides wear this South Indian bridal jewelry on braided hair with magnificent flowers. Jada Billa made in the temple jewelry design look exceptional on long braids.

It is one of the most traditional ways of styling the hair in a South Indian wedding. But, don’t mistake it to be boring, Jada bill is an ornament of choice, popular both in reel and real South Indian weddings.


Maang tika has a special place in every bride’s heart on their big day. Not only in South India but brides across the world also love to style beautiful maang tikas to create a statement. It comes in different styles and designs. Whether it is a Nethi chutti, Mundale, Papidibilla, or Nethi bottu, maang tika is a popular South Indian bridal jewelry. 


Jhumki is a popular South Indian bridal jewelry that has been in use for generations. The jhumki is a dome-shaped ornament and comes in a variety of designs. From diamond or silver jhumkis to traditional temple-style gold jhumkis. Brides can choose to wear anyone with their bridal wear.


Bale, gujju, valayal are some of the various names bangles have in South India. It adds a rich look to the bride.


A bridal ornament that was initially worn by the Nizams of Hyderabad, but it paved its way to the south Indian tradition. Sitlada Haar consists of seven layers of chains. It has pearls and different gems embedded in it. The Satlada Haar is an eye-catching ornament and adds a touch of royalty. Brides can pair it with a choker or wear the Satlada Haar on its own.


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