10 Best Health Benefits Of Moringa

It is well documented and scientifically confirmed is that Moringa tree are rich source of anti inflammatory, antioxidant, and protective tissues substances. Read this article to know more health benefits of Moringa.

Those out-standing characteristics could be found in every parts of the tree from leaves, pod, bark, root , seeds and flowers.  As a result, for thousands of years, people have learnt how to employ this kind of powerful food in treatment of various diseases, namely anemia, arthritis, respiratory ailments and digestive problems.

With many health benefits of moringa you also need to take some precausions here I tried to list some of it read it carefully.

Special Precautions:

  1. Pregnent Womens- Sould Not Take Moringa in any form be it Leaves, Flower, Juice or Tea it may Incerase the risk of miscarrage.
  2. Never Consume Moringa Roots as it is highly Toxic.
  3. Moringa Thickens your Blood so, if you are taking medications just consult your doctor.

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Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Moringa

  • Antioxidant Profile

There is no doubt that the radicals which are generated during the metabolisms of the body can lead to a range of health problems. There are many studies into the function of Moringa in flushing out free radicals show that Moringa contains great deal of antioxidant constituents including flavonoids, ascorbic acid and polyphenols. It also pointed out the leaves has the strongest antioxidant capacity and following is the flower and seeds. This property is closely linked with the advantages of Moringa in preventing against the degradation of the body cells, inflammation as well as oxidative stress.

  • Alleviating Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is growing the matter of great concern of modern generation. Patients who suffer from this kind of disease used to meet with vast variety dilemmas, such as high blood glucose, free radicals or cholesterol concentration. Many studies suggest that patients treated with Moringa leaves powder show dramatic decrease in blood glucose levels and urine protein. In addition to this, it helps out in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in diabetes mellitus patients.

  • Deterring Cardiovascular Diseases

It is proven fact that lipid and cholesterol in particular are responsible for the development of heart diseases. When the blood cholesterol is higher than normal indices, people tend to be affected with problems like artery sclerosis and high blood pressure. Moringa contains antioxidant substances which can help protect cardiovascular cells from damage and keep them function properly.

  • Cancer Prevention

Moringa possesses some compounds such as phenolic, niazimicin and kaempferol which are considered as cancer – prevention agents. Such components work in inhibiting the proliferation of tumor cells and driving the malignant cells into the death. Therefore, using powder or making juice from Moringa leaves could  play a part in prevention as well as chemotherapy treatment of various cancer. Some cancers seeming to be the most sensitive to this herb are liver cancer, skin papilloma and ovarian tumor.

  • Booster Of The Brain

When people come of age, the big dilemma that they used to face with is the deterioration of  the brain functions. Some investigations into the function of  Moringa show that its antioxidant components could assist in enhancing brain activities. Furthermore, extract from Moringa could normalize the function of neurotransmitter like dopamine, serotonin and nor-epinephrin. By this way, it helps people escape from the diseases induced by such monoamines deficiency. In one study in which Alzheimer’s patient treated with Moringa leaf power showed significant favorable outcome. Read natural ways to reduce dizziness.

  • Support  Hepatic Functions

Liver is the organ in which the free radicals are converted into non-damaged agents to be released out of the body. Due to frequent exposure to such substances, liver is highly in risk of damaging and development of diseases. Moringa is considered as a storehouse of polyphenol, especially in its leaves and flowers, which can protect liver cells from oxidation. Not only that, Moringa also enhances hepatic enzymes level by which liver can function efficiently and effectively.

  • Preventing Again Some Digestive Disorders

Along with antioxidant properties, the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial characteristics of Moringa are employed in treatment of many digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation and colitis. Isothyocianates found in its leaves  and other mineral like calcium, magnesium and iron can also play a role in function of intestinal system. For instance, Helicobacter pylori and coliform bacteria which are pathogen of gastritis and colitis respectively can be destroyed by Moringa. Patients can use it in the form of leaves juice mixed with honey and coconut milk 2 to 3 times per days for several days.

  • Help In Some Kind Of Anemia

Some types of anemia come from lack of iron intake or absorb ability. Therefore, patients who suffer this condition can use Moringa tree as a home remedy along with iron supplement therapy prescribed bu the doctors. Some research concluded that Moringa can help in improving the some blood diameters in anemia patients as total blood count, red blood count as well as volume.

  • Enhancing Bone And Teeth Health

In addition to propertied mentioned above, Moringa is also packed with minerals like calcium and magnesium. Needless to say, those minerals are essential part of bone and teeth structures. Thus, consuming amount of Moringa each day could be the effective step in preventing against some bone disease like osteoporosis and accelerating the healing process in some case like bone fracture. In children, when both bone and teeth are growing in high rate, the requirement for such minerals is generally higher than adults. Providing some mints made of Moringa for children could be the pretty good choice for the interest of bone and teeth health.

  • Keeps You fit

As you know, Moringa contains a rich source of fiber and vitamins therefor you can be safe when you eat this more frequent.

How to Make Moringa Juice: Dosage and Warnings

How To Make Moringa Juice

Its very clear that Moringa Leaves are safe while taken by mouth but consuming its roots or root extracts is possibly unsafe. Carefully note that women in pregency should not consume or eat moringa roots as the roots contains toxic substances.

Moringa is an important food source in many parts of the world specially India, Pakistan, Bangladesh enreached with high amount of Vitamins and Minerals. When dried it can also be used as feeding to fight malnutritions.

So, lets not waste time any more and discuss about how to prepair your Moringa Juice:

  • Wash Your Leaves in cold or warm water to clean it from dusts and pesticides.
  • Dry Out The Leaves.
  • Take your Blender Jar and add your freash Moringa Leaves.
  • Then Add One Cup Of Water.
  • Blend it to a juicy consistency.
  • Strain the blended moringa juice in a wider bowl.
  • If you Like you Could also add some lemons and a spoon of honey for better taste.
  • Now give a good mix to it.
  • Now you health drink is ready to consume.

How to Drink Moringa Juice:

Consume this moringa Juice with your breakfast or meal. Its better to avoid moringas in an empty stomach. Depending on you body make it a part of your diet and see its wonderful benefits.


Here, in this article I have tried to mention some of the health benefits of moringa. So, if you liked this article for what so ever reason then don’t forget to comment down your thoughts in the comment section below and also don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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