10 Best OTG Cable For Android Phone

10 Best OTG cable for Android is given in this article. There are many OTG cables for selecting you to have to be confusing so we are gathered top 10 best OTG cable for android 1.Chevron Hybrid Military Grade Armor KickStand Shock Proof Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus with Micro OTG Cable (OTG for … Read more

Best Launcher For Android Phones 2016

Android is all about the customization. Its let you customize everything in it . You can make your android phone or tablet more beautiful by customizing its for this purpose you can use different type of launcher which let you freely change the look of your android and more better then your stock one.We have … Read more

Top 10 Highest Paying Android Apps 2016 for Free Mobile Recharge

As everybody know this generation has been dedicated to smartphones specially for android platforms because of its innumerable no. of advantages which other smartphones still lacks. LatestUpdates.org now brings the top 10 highest paying android apps 2015 for free mobile recharge. All we know that mobile balance is how much important to us. In young generation … Read more

Best Android Keyboard Apps 2016

The stock (default) key board in your phone is good but if you are bored of that simple looking keyboard then there are lots of great feature are available for your android phone with the great features and have awesome looks .We have rounded up some cool keyboards for you by spending our quality time .So heres … Read more

Top 19 Best Material Design Apps and Websites 2016

Since its first release on June 2014, Material Design has got pretty good attention from developers around the world. It’s not just beautiful, feel more comfortable and clean, Material Design also designed for all kind majority of today’s devices. From the smallest screen to the largest one. Even tough Material Design has been around for … Read more

Top 10 Custom ROMs for Android Phones 2016

We get bored after using the same old stock firmware which came along with the phone but why stick to that if there availablility of no. of custom roms for android. Before installing custom rom your phone need to be rooted, we have already discussed about it earlier. Many of these custom ROMs combine performance … Read more

10 Best Smartphone With Longest Battery Life 2016

10 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life : The smartphones  in this list have great battery life and capacity above 3000 mAh (milli ampere-hour or amp-hour) to offer incredible battery life. The smartphone list is consolidated after thorough analysis of all models available globally.Usually we struggle for battery life with low battery capacity smartphone models and often … Read more

Top 10 Games for Android Phones in 2016

There thousands of games are available for android to but i have bringed a great list for the game enthusiasts. 10 Best Games for Android Phones 2016  1. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Sky Gamblers is all about dog fights and WWII era plane battles. The graphics quality is actually pretty good, which is a pleasant … Read more