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A woman’s wardrobe is always incomplete without the right ornaments and other accessories and if you are in Kolkata, then you don’t need to look anywhere else to complete your wardrobe. Kolkata is always known for its culture and heritage and it is still famous for its jewelry shops. Moreover, the Bengal’s gold jewelry appears differently than is found anywhere else all over India. So, if you are looking for the best jewellery shop in Kolkata, then this post will assist you in many ways.

List of Best Jewellery Shop in Kolkata

Hiranya Jewels

Hiranya Jewels ,Best Jewellary shop in kolkata

Hiranya Jewels are known as a leading manufacturer and also a wholesale distributor of jewellery items in Kolkata and also India. From the very beginning, Hiranya Jewels is been doing a great job by delivering the best jewel items to the jewelry lovers having the best quality of gold used in it. This shop has delivered the best jewelery items and has established its brand in Kolkata.

Having a state-of-the-art showroom, they offer never-ending jewelry items mesmerizing any human eye. You will cherish the jewellery items worn by you the whole life from this shop as all their items are masterpieces.

Best Jewellary shop in kolkata

Sathi Jewellers

It is also a well-known best jewellery shop in Kolkata offering gold jewelry items for any occupation. They are famous for silver, diamond, gold bridal jewelry that can please anyone. Here, they will spoil you with various options as they have numerous jewelry items and designs. They also offer a bridal collection for any wedding occupation.

Most of the people has this question, that which jewellery sets is best for bridal? Then you need to know that South Indian Bridal jewellery sets is best for bridal & it is very attractive.

Bangasree Jewellers

In case, you are searching for anything luxury or royal then you can visit Bangasree Jewellers in order to get unique bridal jewelry for your big wedding day. This jeweler was included in our list of best jewellery shops in Kolkata because it has various jewelry designs that will suit everyone’s occupational needs.

Jaria Jewellers

Next, that comes to our list of best jewellery shops in Kolkata is Jaria Jewellers. They provide intricate jewellery pieces for the entire Kolkata city. Here, you will find all the designs under a single roof that includes classic, traditional, and classy modern jewellery pieces. Without any doubt, you can pay a visit to this shop.

Gems N Jewels

The last to come to our list is Gems N Jewels. This shop is a hidden gem as it provides ultra-glamorous gold jewelry ideas for any of your wedding functions. They create and deliver rare designs that are sometimes one of the kinds. On the other hand, they have a customization option that can suit your taste or budget. So, don’t forget to stop by this shop if you want to get your hands on their mesmerizing gold jewellery designs.

To Sum Up

Always sparkle and glow like a superstar on any of your events in a glorious lehenga with some beautiful and mesmerizing jewelry catching many eye balls. You can visit these jewelry shops that are listed above if you want to get a perfect set of jewelry for your big wedding day. So, as you now know the best jewellery shop in Kolkata, it will be the best to visit these shops today!

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