Best Automatic Hair Curler Review 2022s

Tired of going to salon and spending a lot of money in styling your hair for any occasion? If yes, then I have a perfect solution for this. Automatic Hair Curler is the thing that you need to get your hands on.

Hair is a very important part of a women physical appearance. It is the reflection of their identity and is the play a major role in boosting their self esteem. Hair is the big part of a women’s appearance and is one of the asset for a women. Different hair styles defines different trait of personality. It play a significant role in women’s life.

It gives a sense of confidence and can have both negative and positive view. Every women’s dream is to have long, shiny and nice textured hair. Nowadays, women’s spend a lot in their hair care as they consider it to be a great investment.

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Best Automatic Hair Curler

Mistakes You’re Making While Curling Your Hair

  1. Using A Wrong Size Barrel

Does your hair falls off after curling your hair? Does it become again normal after a while? Does your flattens up as soon as you touch your hair? These are the few problems women’s face when they does not curl their hair correctly or in a proper way. One of the common mistakes that are made while curling a hair is using the wrong barrel size. Automatic hair curler will provide right barrel size.

Choosing correct barrel size plays a vital role in curling hairs. You should use correct barrel size or wand size while curling your hair. Sizes of barrel also make sure how long the curl would last. Here are some recommendations from me that you can consider before curling your hair-

  • Short and medium hair should use 19 mm barrel
  • Medium hair should use 25 mm barrel
  • Long hair should use 32 mm barrel

2. You’re Making Your Hair Fry

Using right temperature for different hair while curling or blow drying is very important. Nowadays, women are obsessed with curling, straightening and blow drying their hair. But using wrong temperature would eventually led to damage their hair. Just stop using wrong temperature and go by my recommendations-

  • Temperature between 270-300 is suggested for fine hairs
  • Temperature between 300-350 is suggested for normal hairs.
  • Temperature between 350- 400 is suggested for coarse hair.

Automatic hair curler can do wonders in this case as it automatically sets right temperature for different hair types.

A Heat Protectant Is Not Used By You

Using a protectant in the form of gel, oil or spray is really necessary before curling your hair. The process of curling includes heating up your hair in different temperature which can land up in ruining your hair type. Protectant provides a coverage to your hair which protect hair from all types of heat.


Taking up big sections are eventually can ruin the whole process of curling. Sections should be taken small and layering should be done. Layering should be done in 4-5 layers while curling. If the sections are inconsistent, that means if some sections are big and some sections are small the it ruins the whole look.


Before brushing your hair through your brush or using your hair make sure that your hair cooled. Brushing your hair after curling gives a whole new dimensions to your hair. It is a very vital step after curling your hair as it seperates all the hair one by one.

All the above problem can be solved by one machine,i.e, Automatic Hair Curler.

What is automatic hair curler?

If you love giving your hair new look everyday then automatic hair curler is the must tool you should possess. An Automatic hair curler is a modern hair tool that automatically curls your hair without any hustle. It is an easy to use tool that reduces the chances of burning your hair and provide you with perfect curled hair. They are lightweight, handy and easy to carry hair curler.

It provides perfect heat require as the temperature is automatically sets unlike the old-fashioned curler that provide over-heating or under-curling of hair. The automatic hair curler also reduces the chances of burning yourself. It is easy to use so anyone can adapt it really quickly.

Difference between curling iron and curling machine


  • You have to twist your hand around the heated wand manually while using a curling iron.
  • keep a hold of it until the curls are ready.
  • keeping it in a high temperature can damage or burn your hair.
  • The temperature can’t be automatically set.


  • A strand of hair should be inserted into the curling chambers.
  • It can automatically release the curled section hair without any hustle.
  • It curls the small section of hair so it can be time consuming.
  • It provide you with proper curl as it takes small section of hair.

Top 10 Automatic Hair Curler that you can go for-


This would be my first recommendation if you want to buy an automatic hair curler. It gives you that perfect curl that all girls crave for. It also gives shine and removes all the frizz from your hair. Now you can do salon type hair easily yourself by using this curler. It also gives you volume and depth.

Whether you want to get ready for a party or want to go for date night , you can easily style your hair by using this curler.

About this item

  • This is USA based product and all items are imported.
  • They are 100% genuine and no duplicates products are available.
  • It has Titanium ceramic curl chamber that distribute heat evenly leaving a glossy and frizz free hair.
  • Maximum temperature setting goes upto 450 degree celsius
  • Item dimension is 10.5*14.9*33 centimeters
  • ion generator reduces static electricity.


  • It is suited for all hair types
  • Create curls without making the hair rough
  • The highest temperature that it can go upto is 450 degree


  • People with long hair can find it difficult to use.

Some of the satisfied reviews by the customer

  • Sams says,” I love it. It is easy to use and produces great curls.”
  • Francina says, ” This product is awesome! My curls held for 3 days with no, on the low heat, tight curl setting.”
  • Michael says,” I think this product is amazing and worth the prize.”

2. Kiss Cermic Instawave 1″ Automatic Curling Iron

The most unique feature about this product is that it combs and detangles your hair as it curls. The technology used in this product is ceramic ionic. It rotates left and right to achieve both inner and outer-facing curls as it comes with a curl direction control. It is safe to use and reduce the chances of burning your hand as the distance between the handle and iron is sufficient.

There is no need of using resistant gloves, just you need to place a section of hair on the Instawave and rest would be taken care by the curler itself. The innovative patented design prevent the spinning wand from getting stuck or tangled.

About this item

  • This product has patented curl dial which has ridges/prongs that acts as a comb which helps to detangle your hair as it curls.
  • It has two heat settings that can goes upto 420 degree.
  • The item weighs around 1.2 pounds
  • No need of wearing a heat resistant glove as the distance between your hand and hot iron is sufficient.
  • It automatically shut off after 90 minutes of use.


  • The highest heat is upto 420 degree
  • Controller is available for curl direction.
  • There is adequate amount of distance between the hand and hot iron.


  • This curler is not useful for thin textured and silky hair.

Some of the satisfied reviews by the customers

  • Dallas says, ” I love this curler beyond words.”
  • Alex says, ” I curl my whole hair in just 15 mins. That’s amazing!”
  • Lisa says, ” It’s pretty good. There’s a trick to using it.”


Another best automatic hair curler available in the market is Chi Spin N Curl Curling Iron. It gives you bold curls and shine that is required for a perfect curl. It has a timer so you don’t have to worry about overheating your hair. The most unique feature about this curler that it has digital temperature display and 1 inch rotating barrel. It helps you to curl both inward and outward without any hassle.

About this item

  • The most unique feature about the curler is that it is surrounded with hard plastic bristles that protect you from burning.
  • It is automatic so its turn off automatically after 30 mins of use.
  • There is a beep voice for safety prompt tone and power adjustment.
  • It is suitable for travelling as it has dual voltage.
  • Maximum temperature that it goes upto is 210 degree celcius.


  • It makes the hair tangle free.
  • It has dual voltage
  • It has curl direction buttons and timed beep alert.
  • The main feature is that it has a unique feature of digital temperature display.


  • Larger sections cannot be use.
  • Time consuming.

Some of the satisfied reviews by the customers

  • Bella says,” My best purchase till date. Gives smooth and glossy hair.”
  • Rachel says,” Omg! My curls last upto 3 days. Loved the product.”
  • Sam says, ” Go for it without a second thought. Best curler available in the market.”


Nowadays, mostly women are working and they are always in rush. They don’t have time to invest in their hair styling on a daily basis. It’s the best curler when it comes to saving time as it heats upto 400 degree in less than 60 seconds. When it is ready for use, it’s display setting automatically turns blue. This automatic hair curler has a rotating curling iron which is suitable for all hair length.

About this product

  • It has patented curl dial that reduce the chance of burns.
  • It has ceramic ionic technology.
  • It has Tangle Free Technology
  • On/off button is also present.
  • There is also a light indicator present.
  • It is an affordable automatic hair curler.


  • It can go up to 400 degree in just one minute
  • Perfect curler for the beginners.
  • Has patented curls that helps to reduce the chances of burning.


  • There is no setting to control heat.

Some of the satisfied reviews of the customers

  • Daisy says,” It is best automatic hair curler in a restricted budget.”
  • Lisa says,” Really nice.”


Another best automatic hair curler is SexyBeauty Professional Portable Ceramic Curling Iron. This hair curler is durable and handy at the same time. It is made up of ceramic glaze rod and anti-scalding spiral casing which makes sure that the curling is done in just 15 mins.

The tip of the curler comes with 360 degree curling iron that prevent the tangling of the cord. Just create that bold red carpet look with this amazing curler. Look fabulous and feel fabulous!

About this product

  • It is available in five different colors – Pink, blue, purple, green and orange.
  • It should be use after one minute of pre-heating.
  • It has power of about 35W with voltage of 220/110V
  • It has plastic spiral coat outside that covers ceramic barrel.
  • The item weighs about 11.2 pounds


  • It can heat up within 15 seconds which is less as compared to other curlers.
  • You have variety of colors to choose from.
  • It comes with a 360 degree anti winding tail.


  • The temperature remain constant of 200 degree celcius.
  • Pre-heating is necessary in this automatic hair curler.

Some of the satisfied reviews from the customer

  • Rosy says, ” Loved the purchase.”
  • Bella says,” It saves a lot of time and the hair becomes really smooth after curling.”
  • Lisa says, ” Awesome Curler.”


Want that Kylie Jenner look which she wore this Christmas? Want to become that hollywood diva that you admire the most? Then this is what you need to get that bold and sexy look. The Scato Cordless Auto Hair Curler is a automatic hair curler which is made up of ceramic wand that protects hair from overheating.

The best feature about this curler is that it has anti-scalding and Tournaline ceramic ion which makes sure that the skin does not come in direct contact with the iron. It works equally well for both professional and personal use.It has 6 temperature and 11 timing setting.

About this product

  • It is the cordless hair curler with smart induction motor.
  • It has vegetable protein coating helps to seal the moisture in the hair for the very long time.
  • Max temperature is 200 degree celcius
  • It has auto charge and USB rechargeable feature which distinguish it any other curler.


  • No skills are required before using this curler , only a button will provide you with the glossy and shiny curls.
  • It has inbuild intelligent sensor chip which will protect the hair from being tangled.
  • It automatically shut down after 10 mins to safe battery life.
  • It is travel friendly


  • The temperature goes up to only 200 degree celcius

Some of the satisfied reviews from the customer

  • Rishi says, ” Very easy to use. Love this automatic hair curler.”
  • Viking says, ” It’s amazing. Enjoying the beautiful curls now.”


The Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler is the perfect tool for getting that perfect curls. It’s my another personal favourite automatic hair curler as you have to only insert your hair strand and you are good to go! It can work up to an hour. Your hair does not get knotted as it has anti- tangle protection technology.

This curler is compact in size which makes it easy for travelling. It comes with 3 heating settings and 4 preset timer setting. The curler can heat up to 400 degree.

About this product

  • This curler comes in a standard size.
  • It gives multi- directional curl action with anti- tangle protection.
  • All the setting are shown in the LCD display.
  • It’s dimension is 3*4.5*10.13 inches
  • It has ceramic curl chamber which reduces frizz
  • It contains two lithium ions batteries.


  • It has 3 heating settings and 4 timer settings
  • Compact in size and durable.
  • Also comes with a USB cord.


  • Battery life is too short.

Some of the satisfied reviews from the customer

  • Tish says, ” It is of great size and the idea of being cordless is amazing.”
  • Noah says,” Works better than any other hair curler i have ever tried.”


This automatic hair curler is very user- friendly and really functional. BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curler will surely appease your hair styling need. It’s heat range up to 450 degree and also provide you with the heat protection.

To get the perfect curl you just need to open and release the curl after curl. This automatic hair curler comes which a sleek look that gives it a unique dimension. It gives consistent and efficient styling that plays a very vital role in curling the hair.

About the product

  • It comes with 4 timer settings that range- Off, 8 secs , 10 secs and 12 secs.
  • Right, left and alternate are the three direction curl control.
  • It also comes up with three heat settings suitable for all hair types.
  • Smart tech safeguard and energy saver.
  • The product dimension is 10.5*3.25*13.6 inches


  • A lot of heat is provided for dense and thick hair.
  • It contains three interchangeable barrels.
  • Perfect ringlets can be created this curler in just less than 10 seconds.


  • Digital display is not there in this curler.
  • This curler takes small sections so curling can be a long process with this curler.

Some of the satisfied reviews from the customer

  • Elizabeth says, “This is the best thing ever.”
  • Clara says, ” The result was mindblowing.”
Automatic Curler In 2022


This automatic hair curler is very easy and convenient to use. It is suitable for the beginners to use. You can create customized and tight curls in only few steps. The hair is prevented from damage by the Tourmaline Ceramic Glaze.

There are three different temperature settings provided in this curler. Reading can be accurate through the LCD display. It has heat resistant PPs plastic which lesser the chances of burning the skin. Auto shut off function acts as a safety shield.

About the product

  • The product dimension is 14.76*4.53*2.36 inches.
  • It has innovative tourmaline ceramic glaze coating.
  • Elastic silicone teeth is a unique feature of this curler.
  • Temperature can be adjusted easily.
  • The device will automatically turn off after 60 mins of use.


  • This device works really fast.
  • It is very user-friendly
  • All the safety measures are been taken.
  • Gives you that shiny and glossy hair.


  • Not suitable for short hair
  • Does not work efficiently for thin hair.

Some of the customer reviews for the product

  • Andrea says, ” Loved the curler!”
  • Holly says, ” I was skeptical about the product at first but when i used it i was totally amazed.”
Automatic Curler In 2022


When it comes to hair then people becomes very skeptical about the products they are using. However, MKBOO Hair Curler is the good option to go for. It is very user friendly. It comes with three level of temperature setting.

It is light weighted, portable and easy to carry that makes its really travel friendly. It automatically shut down after 60 mins of use. It’s cord can be easily rotated and are tangle free. Added safety is provided by the insulated barrel tips.

About the product

  • The maximum temperature goes up to 232 degree celcius.
  • It comes with the 3 level of temperature setting.
  • Made up of light weight high- grade ceramic smooth material.
  • It has 360 rotated tangle free cord.
  • Equipped with dual PTC heater that can heat up to one minute.


  • As it comes with the three level of temperature setting so it is suitable for all hair types.
  • The cord can be easily rotated making it user friendly.
  • It is light weighted so it is very travel friendly also.
  • It saves electricity as it automatically turn off after 60 mins of use.


  • The maximum temperature is very less.
  • Not suitable for thick and dense hair.

Frequently Ask Question

How an Automatic Curling Iron Works?

Unlike Conventional Curling Iron you don’t need to manually wrap your hair around the hair to get the curls. Whereas, in an Automatic Curling Iron the iron do this automatically and took the shape of the curls you want. Make sure that your hair are fully dry before using the automatic hair curler.

Before curling divide your hair into sections so that you can have full control of your hair while curling. You have to place your hair in the given chamber where it is collected. After the hair is collected then it is twisted and with the help of auto-timer it is hold in for a few moments.

The hair is released after that and Volla! Your hair is ready with the salon finish.

What all features does a good automatic hair curler should have?

  • The barrel size should be perfect as it plays a vital role when it comes to curling hairs.
  • The faster the hair curler heat up then the better it is.
  • It should have ceramic technology.
  • Swivel cord should not be short.
  • The curler which has multiple temperature setting is suitable for all hair types.
  • The curler should possess all the safety features.

Does an Automatic Curler is suitable for all hair types?

People have different hair length – short, mid length or long. They also have different hair types such as straight, wavy, curly . The choice of curler would largely depend upon the hair length and hair type. Nowadays, people have variety of choices so their choice of curler also depend upon what types of curls they want.

It can be large waves, ringlets, tousled curls or beach waves. The purpose of curling hair is that you want it to remain for long. Curling your hair with tourmaline technology smoothens your hair and prevent you from getting flyaway hair.

Being a good conductor of heat, Tourmaline helps to evenly spreads the heat among each strands which it an even look. It also reduces the chances of developing “hot spots”.

If you have curly or wavy hair you can opt for any curling iron. Most of the curler would be good these type of hair. But if you have thick or long hair then you need to go for the curler that has high setting.

How to use an Automatic Hair Curler?

Curling hair might be a huge task previously but now with modern technology we can curl our hair in a blink of an eye. These curler helps you to curl your hair efficiently all by yourself and helps you to get rid of those huge bills of salon.

Here’s how you can curl your hair-

  • Firstly, detangle your hair using a comb and apply hair protectant to your hair to protect it from being damage.
  • Now, divide your hair two equal parts- top part and bottom part. Clipping the top layer, apply the protectant on the bottom layer. Wrap the bottom layer around the curling hair after combing it one more time. Let’s the curl settle for a while after heating.
  • Around the barrel of the curling iron wrap an inch of hair close to the roots. Let the barrel place upwards in the direction of the tip. Do the same with the rest of the hair. Now, unwind the barrel from your hair keeping the tool in position for not more than 10 seconds.
  • Keep on curling the hair by dividing it.
  • At the end, curl the entire hair including the top section.


Now, it’s time to a quick glance to my top 10 favourite Automatic Hair Curler. This is to make you clear so that you can take up your final decision. I am not considering the price as a factor as it’s the question of hair and it’s a one time investment.

Being a very choosy person, I can understand how difficult is to choose the right curler for yourself. If you are a first time buyer then I would suggest you to go for KISS INSTAWAVE 101 ROTATING CURLING IRON. But my ultimate favourite would be undoubtedly BABYLISS NANO TITANIUM PROFESSIONAL CURLER considering all the aspect.

If you don’t want to go through a lot of research and want to be on safer side then you should definitely go for the Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling Iron 1- Inch 30S Instant Ceramic Heat Wind.

Remember, these are my top choices as per my preferences. It is not necessary that what works for me would actually work for you. You are your own choice maker. Go through all the aspect and make your choice wisely!

Now you got to know what you should you consider when you look for the best automatic hair curler. What works for you not necessarily will works for other and vice versa. You are your own queen girl! You know what you want in your price charming.

Before choosing any curler just keep in mind the type of hair you have and your length of your hair. After all you know yourself better and what actually will work for you. I hope this article will help you to choose what’s best for you.

Be beautiful! Feel beautiful!


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