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Android N

Everybody knows that every time when there is launch of newer Android versions, Peoples are excited about to know its features for this we have spend a lot of quality time and gathered great information to satisfy your enthusiast.The Android N preview just launched this week and it got lots of new feature this time .There is a possiblity that some of the feature of the Android N preview doesn’t make it to the final release of Android 7.0.

Let have a look on The Android N Features

The feature which Catches our attention is The Multi-window mode.After waiting for a long time. Only the Compatible apps can be opened up side-by-side in Android N and resized. Developers will be able to set a minimum size for their app windows, but you’ll have a very similar multitasking experience to what you already find on many OEM devices. There’s also a new picture-in-picture mode that works just like minimized video in YouTube.


The New Android N delivers a revamped settings menu . One of the best changes though is that you can now see basic details of each section in the main Settings menu. So, for example, rather than have to enter the Wi-Fi menu to see which network you’re connected to, Android N displays that information in the top-level settings menu.The changes include the addition of a Suggestions drop-down section at the top and removal of the individual section dividers. It’s an obvious time-saving idea and is kind of surprising it has taken this long to appear. Now Sound and Notifications have their own separate Sections.


The hamburger menu returns , providing a swipe-out nav drawer that simply reproduces the top-level settings menu sections. The presence of the hamburger menu in Android N also does away with the duplicated actions of the back arrow in the settings and the back arrow in the nav bar.


In the newest version of Android  the quick settings and notification shade panel have received some interface tweaks.You’ll now see a thin strip of toggles at the top of the notifications shade for frequently used things like Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, battery and the flashlight. Some of these can be toggled on and off directly, while others will take you to a sub-menu . A small arrow at the right hand side will open up the full Quick Settings panel. Quick Settings is now paginated and you can edit which icons appear at the top of the notifications shade and Google has added new System UI Tuner options for Quick Settings like Night Mode and offered developers the ability to create their own custom Quick Settings icons.


As predicted, everybody’s favorite Marshmallow feature, Doze Mode, has also been improved in Android N. Doze now features a two-tier system. The first operates whenever the screen has been off for a while, whether your phone is stationary or not. This means you can now enjoy the benefits of Doze Mode anytime your phone is not being used, even when it is in your pocket or backpack. The other layer of Doze Mode works as before, but with some more improvements. When your phone is lying still, it will enter a deeper hibernation mode, deferring network and other activity until widely spaced-out “maintenance” windows before slipping back to sleep.


Android N also allows you to change the display size on your device, also known as changing your display’s DPI setting. Simply go to Settings> Display > Display Size and slide the slider to change the size of on-screen content.

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