The cost per click is an Internet advertising model used on websites where advertisers only pay when you click on your ad, not every time an ad is running.
What is CPC and CPM
Cost per impression (CPM) is an Internet advertising model used on websites where advertisers pay.

Other terms of the marketing term refer to my post small business marketing dictionary. Then the total spends on Google AdWords ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads for my customers. Let’s take a look at whether CPC or CPM is for everyone the right one.
What’s this? -. See below for an example of display ads and ad copy.
Now let’s take a look at the number of clicks and impressions that you could get for my customers when I used a CPM model, assuming that spending remained stable at $ 323.83. To do this, the search lists would change all display ads because you can not go to a model of printing costs per page with Google in your network presentation ( the website where you advertise with display ads and no text ads).
An example of two different types of ads shown.
Without really not wanting to know, I can make a clear conclusion. I hipotetizaría that the procedure of CPC should be better based on the above, but without proof never know. The problem is that I do not know what the CPM rate is would be to pay if the click rate would be down or down and when I get a better customer conversion rates with text ads and display ads. At the end of the day, Google CPM  the real measure counts are the cost of customer acquisition and without this method of trying not to know what is the best customer acquisition costs. Now I will try and see how it method CPM works.
It seems that in most cases, the use of a model for the cost per click is the most beneficial for companies to search online. The only exception is unclear is Google Adwords, I’ll have to try and see the results. Look for results in future blog posts, because I am posting after I finished my test. This is a good exercise for their campaigns to perform well. Probably get the same results, but it does not hurt to check.I believe Free email Accounts, Facebook, and Linkedin are likely to be enough for any savings that you might encounter should take the payment. The only thing to note is that these sites are constantly changing, both regarding how the ads and prices are published. Because this conclusion can change so quickly in a year or two years change. For the time being, however, the cost per click the winner.