For most of us, avoiding computer is inevitable either due to nature of work or countless other reasons. Since we live in the world that’s dependant on computers for most of the things such as reading the newspaper, pay the bills, communicate with friends, study, perform office tasks and so on; more than 40 hours per week is spent facing the screen.

When undergoing Lasik in Abu Dhabi, what should be your computer use as prolong exposure may cause unusual irritation, redness and dryness of the eyes due to blinking less. An average person blinks more or less 18 times a minute in normal conditions however when glued to the screen be it television, computer or mobile device, the blinking is reduced to half.

For those who spend significant time working on their computers may deter undergoing Lasik in Abu Dhabi with only fear of issues using the computer post-procedure. The recovery time post-Lasik differs with every patient however, a doctor is likely to discourage exposing the eyes to the screen for at least a few days to even weeks, depending on scope of the problem.

Artificial tears: An option after Lasik

Dryness of the eye may increase for the first few weeks or months post-Lasik only if a patient is exerting too much stress on the eyes in front of the computer. If someone’s already facing the issue, artificial tears can be a treatment prescribed only by doctors under certain conditions.

Complete recovery may progress over the next six months so it’s crucial following care tips and instructions provided by the doctor.

Meanwhile, there’re cases when a patient is prescribed with artificial tears for lifetime as dry eyes are a common side-effect of Lasik. It is important to keep the eyes moist for all computer users whether they’ve undergone Lasik in Abu Dhabi or not!

Don’t forget blinking

To blink or not to is in human nature and if someone’s recently underwent Lasik treatment, blinking of the eyes is very important that goes double for savvy computer users. If you can’t avoid due to nature of the job or any other reason, post a note at the workplace to be mindful of the eyes by blinking and keep the eyes moist.

The rule of 20s

Not purely medical science but practicing the rule of 20s post-Lasik can be helpful to a certain degree. When using a computer or watching television, look away from the screen after every 20 minutes and stare at any stationary object for at least 20 seconds, kept at a distance of 20 feet. This’ll surely lessen the strain on the eyes and while doing so, don’t forget blinking!

Rest the eyes

To rest the eyes as much as possible after Lasik is the key to speed up recovery time and vision clarity. Therefore it’s important to take breaks throughout the day to rest the eyes for a few minutes or an hour while sleeping for longer hours during night.


To keep the eyes moist and blinking frequently is important after Lasik in Abu Dhabi especially when using computer.