Breath alcohol tests are a part of pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi to check potential candidates if they’re addictive to certain alcoholic drugs. Devices used for testing are known as breathalyser that measures the level of alcohol present in the blood stream. The results indicate level of impairment or intoxication currently present in the body and not past use.

How the test works?

Much like a thermometer, the device is placed in the mouth of a person being tested who then blows into the device. Numerical digits appear on the display screen that indicates blood alcohol concentration (BAC); this is the present level of alcohol in the blood at the time of the test.

When employers conduct breath or blood alcohol test?

Alcohol testing is performed under specific circumstances that are;

  • An organisation has a policy to conduct the test when there’s reasonable suspicion, also termed as for-cause or probable-cause There has to be documented signs of drug use or alcohol intake.
  • Post-accident testing is performed if there’s a suspicion following drug use causing certain damage to a property, injury or accident.
  • Random testing may be performed spontaneously on employees selected from a pool.

An example: The US Department of Transportation

The US Department of Transportation has made it compulsory to perform alcohol and drug testing for predefined industries and occupations. This includes aviation, pipeline, maritime, trucking, railroad and shipment under safety-sensitive occupations. Many other states adopted the drug and alcohol testing as a part of pre-employment screening. There’re other regulations governing use of alcohol for employees;

  • Employees mustn’t use and are forbidden to possess any type of alcohol or illicit drug.
  • Employees are laid-off or mustn’t report for duty when under the influence of alcohol.
  • For flight crew members and attendants, use of alcohol is strictly prohibited four hours prior to reporting for duty.

Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC)/ Blood calculators

Special medical calculators are available to compute concentration of the alcohol in blood or breath based on the number of drinks consumed, how quick you were when drinking, weight and gender. Certain legal issues to pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi are associated with breath alcohol test outlined below!

  • Federal laws doesn’t prohibit drug or alcohol testing
  • Some states restrict employers from conducting random drug testing of the employees due to violence of ethical rights

Detection of drugs in the body

Alcohol has a different effect on each individual whereas passing the pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi is simple; don’t use alcohol at all. There’re variety of factors influencing the amount of time a drug can be traced in the blood stream including drug’s half-life.

There’s also a test to detect shortest period of the alcohol as most of it is likely to excrete out of the body. The MDMA and methamphetamines remain in the body for two days as proven by medical science whereas cocaine can be traced back to four days of the initial intake.


The pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi ensures only the right and 100 percent healthy candidates are hired in companies, following breath alcohol test as a procedure.