Many overweight individuals are often so exhausted with their “trying hard to lose weight” that they finally end up heading to liposuction. Undoubtedly, the liposuction is truly an effective treatment that helps you lose some extra fat through operating. You can get best Liposuction in Dubai if you are looking for the best options in UAE.

There is a misconception that many people have with regards to liposuction. People believe that liposuction is a weight loss treatment, which has nothing to do with even closer to the reality. Though, weight loss is one of the outcomes of liposuction but the focal point of these treatments is to get the body rid of extra fat.

Therefore, let’s check out few facts that you should know about liposuction;

Length of Procedure

Undoubtedly, liposuction turns out to be very beneficial treatment for many but it’s the matter of few minutes. This operation takes much of your time, approximately 2-5 hours. So, be patient and co-operative while you are being operated for liposuction.

Down Time

After you are done with the operation, next phase is to go through some down time. Even if you have got rid of the extra fat but in another context you have lost some fraction of your body mass that you had gained over long time. This leads to the swelling, bruising and numbness as well. Besides that, there is still an anesthetic solutions that was injected in your body, it also needs to be drained that will take some time. That particular time period when all these things are happening to you after liposuction is known as downtime.

Recovery Time

“Right after I am doing with the liposuction by 5Pm, I’ll go to my house, change clothes to party wear as I have a night out plan with my friend.” Or it can even be some meeting or corporate tour as well.

If that’s exactly what you think you are going to do after you are done with the treatment, hang on. Many have a misconception that they are free to go anywhere and do anything right after being operated for the liposuction. That’s not the case anyway. As per the leading Liposuction in Dubai, you need some time to recovery that will be somewhere from 1-2 weeks (non-negotiable).

Fat Removal

Since Liposuction is all about the fat removal still many are ambiguous that how will the doctor operate. If you are heading to towards the best Liposuction in Dubai, let it be their concern of how they do it since they are professionals and have better idea of it. Giving you a little idea of it, the fat will be removed for the problematic areas of your body having extra stubborn fat. Mainly, fat is removed from under the skin.

Liposuction Types

There are mainly two types of liposuctions; Ultrasound assisted Lipoplasty and tumescent technique. In Ultrasound assisted Lipoplasty, the body fat will be liquefied before it is sucked out. Conversely, the tumescent technique includes injecting the saline solutions in the skin through slit incision. This allows the solutions to diffuse through the fatty tissues.


Check out this piece of content and discover some useful facts that one should know about while choosing liposuction.