While buying the new mattress, people usually check each and everything just like the material, flexibility and etc. But they often don’t have any idea about mattress cleaning. In fact, many have even damaged their expensive mattresses just due to wrong cleaning methods. It’s all because people are always in a rush and willing to get things done as soon as possible without even wondering about How to Clean Your Mattress the right way. Also, it happen because they keep on repeating the similar mistakes that they should avoid while cleaning the mattress. So let’s dig in to discover more;

Avoid Wetting Your Mattress

Things often go wrong when people don’t even bother to check the manufacturer’s guideline. Therefore, whenever the spillage occurs on the mattress, the most common practice is to wash the mattress upholstery using water and soap to get rid of stains. Though it’s been already mentioned by almost all the manufacturers that wetting the mattress can potentially damage its upholstery. In fact, almost all the reputable online platform you come across, while looking for How to Clean Your Mattress, highlight that the wetting the mattress would seriously damage its quality and durability.

Avoid Beating and Sunning the Mattress

For sure, mattress is meant for the rough use perhaps that’s the reason as to why these are designed in a way that they can withstand the sleeping postures. But it’s normally more than us that our mattresses have to deal with on the daily basis just like dust, spill, “cute” bed bugs and etc. Therefore, beating the mattress has been into the practice for over many generations.

Just like our parents and grandparents have been doing it for years in order to clean the matters. Besides that, sunning also happened to be one of the alternatives. Conversely, the way mattresses are being manufactured nowadays, sunning and beating might not be suitable treatment.

How to Clean Your Mattress?

Since all the traditional practices are proven to be unsuitable for cleaning the mattress, many are ambiguous about what’s the right way then. Here it is;

Simply Just Vacuum It

There are numerous vacuum cleaners in the market mainly used for mattress cleaning and also kill dust mites. Though the rates might differ depending upon the size and functionality but most of them are pretty good with the performance.

In a nutshell, there are many unseen particles and micro-organisms that human eye can’t notice. In fact, such particles are more likely to cause the mattress hygiene problems as compared to the visible stains over the mattress. Sufferers that are Allergic to the house dust mites may find themselves waking up with repeated sneeze, runny nose, and even itchy eyes, when sleeping on a dirty mattress. Some of these common symptoms that may lead to asthma, eczema, rhinitis and etc.

For a healthy person even, sleeping on a dirty mattress should be avoided. Because while sleeping, he would have to breathe-in the airborne dirt particles and microorganism every night definitely does not ensure good health benefits at all.


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