Do you know the amazing Benefits of Kissing?

 Kissing makes a people happier ,Kissing decrease stress, Kissing helps us in meditation , Kissing makes a people happier , Kissing increase our confidence, Kiss reduces heart disease and much more read below total Benefits of Kissing .

Not only there is only Benefits of Kissing  but also there is some negative effects but they are very little.. 

Bad effects of kissing – There are some bad effects of kissing . The couple who does light kissing there is also some bad effects.To avoid those bad effects couple should know each other whether they have any type of illness.The main harm of kissing is deep kiss because their remain the chance of transferring of fluid which is very much harmful.before kissing the couple should know whether they have any type of disease like flu, any type of cut.In deep kissing their remains a chance of transferring virus-2 that is Herpes Simplex.

 You should keep your oral health healthy. Than Only there will be Benefits of Kissing..

***Do you know how much time a normal Human Takes in kissing? Without Knowing the Benefits of Kissing.

The normal individual spends over 22,000 minutes of their life kissing that means 366.666 hours, and in light of current circumstances. Notwithstanding the advantages above, kissing has been appeared to support your insusceptible framework and diminish unfavorably susceptible reactions in individuals with skin or nasal sensitivities.

***One day I went to a park near Hooghly River there I saw a couple kissing each other and this makes me feel about my partner. After that  I started to think about my partner and I started to feel something about my partner which make me happier. After few days I went to a cinema there again I saw a couple kissing each other which makes me started to think again about my partner. This time I became eager to kiss my partner by seeing the couple in a cinema hall. This is because when you see someone Loving your love hormone secrets and you also feel the need of being loved or love someone.

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24 Benefits of Kissing

Before going To discuss about Benefits of Kissing I would like to say a little about preparation of kissing.

Preparation Before Kiss

  • We should prepare our self before kissing the men should have a clean shave before kissing and also some perfume to keep themselves fresh.
  • Similarly the women should use some attracting perfume which will help in kissing.
  • Both men and women should prepare their lips before kissing.
  • Should Remove dryness of lips because wet lip is better for best kisses.
  • Smoother lips helps in kissing so to make a smoother lips men should use lip bum women can use lipstick but sticky lipstick is not good for kiss.
  • The another essential thing is the couple should look over the smell of their mouth bad smell from the mouth is not good for kiss. So to avoid bad smell the couple should brush before kiss and they should not eat  anything for which the bad smell will come out from their mouth like onion,curry etc.

***Benefits of Kissing:

Few important points about Benefits of Kissing 

Benefits of Kissing No#1

Decrease stress– Kissing helps us in meditation. Meditation reduces stress keeps one calm. It reduce the stress hormone cortical and it adds serotonin level. In our every day busy schedule kiss releases our stress and it helps us to have a stress free life from our busy schedule. As reported in a Science magazine research says that Kiss acts like a charger for a human body. The work efficiency increases by 75% in both after a good kiss with love by female partner.

A good kiss can reduce stress and boost up a body by 75%. That means the efficiency increases by 75% after A wet kiss.

Benefits of Kissing No#2

Helps us in meditation- Is has been proved that while during meditation A steamy kiss of wife or female partner increase your concentration level which helps someone in meditation.

Batsayon great Indian Sage Wrote in Kamasutro that A single kiss if done appropriately helps the partner in achieving success .

Benefits of Kissing No#3

Makes a people happier – It makes our mood well. In our every day work we give very few time in kissing our partner but if we give more time in kissing our partner then both of us will remain happy by kissing each other. And kissing increases Oxytocin Level .

This [oxytocin] is the hormone of love, and the better the oxytocin levels, the more capacity for love,’ explains psychotherapist Arthur Janov, Ph.D., author of ‘The Biology of Love’ and the director of the Primal Center in Santa Monica, Calif. ‘We have found that those who cannot commit in a love relationship are low in oxytocin.’”
Source: Healthy Living

Benefits of Kissing No#4

Lower our blood pressure –  Our blood pressure comes from headaches and tension and from many more way. So if we kiss our partner it will release our headaches and tension automatically it will reduce our blood pressure.

Research Says that a couple can reduce their blood pressure after a prolonged kiss.

Benefits of Kissing No#5

Increase our confidence – Before going to any kind of work we should kiss our partner it increase our confidence. It has been seen that people who kiss each other before going to any kind of work they earn more money than the other who does not kiss their partner before going to their work.

A famous footballer said in a interview that he has observed that whenever he appeared in the ground after kissing his girlfriend  he won the match It may be a luck factor but it always increases his confidence.

Benefits of Kissing No#6

It makes our immunity power well- People who kisses their partner improved their immunity power. It has been seen in many ways that people who kisses their partner they fall in disease less than the people who does not kiss their partner. So kissing improve s our immunity power.I.Ga Immunity system is our bodies first type of defense.  So people who kisses have lesser disease.

Doctor J.William a famous immunologist said kissing can boost immune system by stimulating IgG & IgM(factors effecting MHC Major Histocompatiblity Complex ) 

A late study reported in the diary Medical Hypotheses says kissing may build a lady’s invulnerability from Cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus, contracted through mouth to mouth contact, can bring about baby visual deficiency and other birth imperfections if the mother is a transporter amid pregnancy. Something else, the bug is generally safe in grown-ups. Kissing has for quite some time been thought to be an approach to go along bugs and in this way fortify the body’s barriers.

Benefits of Kissing No#7

 It’s a type of exercise- Kissing our partner is a type of our exercise. its a healthy exercise between a partner who kiss each other. I wish if it was a way to loose weight. If it was so than imagine what would be the scenery… Not completely but partially Kissing is a very good exercise in different way. It can Be a exercise with fun.. Pactice like The images Below for a month and see the result.

Sex supports your heart rate, blaze calories, and fortify muscles, much the same as activity. Truth be told, research uncovered that sex smolders around four calories a moment for men and three for ladies, making it (on occasion) a “huge” type of exercise.It can even help you to keep up your adaptability and parity.

24 Benefits of Kissing

24 Benefits of Kissing

Benefits of Kissing`

Benefits of Kissing No#8

Kiss reduce calories- It has been often seen that people who kisses their partner reduce calories. Kiss turn the calories into ashes from 8-16 percent.

As you incline in, your lips touch, and your heart skirts a beat. Well perhaps it doesn’t avoid a beat, however it certainly beats speedier. As the heart thumps speedier it discharges adrenaline, otherwise called epinephrine and different neurotransmitters in the blood. The support in adrenaline builds your digestion system and smolders calories. An enthusiastic kiss, enduring around twenty seconds can wreck to 2-3 calories for each moment.

A study by Dr. Alexander DeWees indicated “an enthusiastic kiss, enduring around twenty seconds can wreck to 2-3 calories for each moment.”

Benefits of Kissing No#9

Kissing keeps facial muscles strong-  Beyond any doubt tight abs or sans cellulite thighs might be first on the Tone Up rundown, however don’t think little of the workout your mouth gets amid a make out session. Specialists say you utilize 34 muscles while kissing and the kissing keeps your cheeks tight. Decent.

We’ll take what we can get. Hope you understood!!!!!!!!……

Benefits of Kissing No#10

Kiss reduces heart disease- People who kisses their partner they have less heart disease. As it’s a type of exercise its helps in decreasing our heart disease .So it is necessary to kiss our partner to reduce diseases like heart disease.It says by a doctor that kiss improve our heart beat rate.For that it improves our heart disease.

Kissing keeps your pulse and cholesterol level low. An investigation of living together and wedded couples demonstrated an expanded recurrence of kissing diminished anxiety, expanded relationship fulfillment, and diminished cholesterol levels. Anxiety is a surely understood danger component for coronary illness. In this manner kisses keep you heart sound with a one two punch by bringing down pulse and cholesterol levels and balancing out the cardiovascular framework.

 Several doctors are at one with the effect of kissing on cardiovascular system . They says that who are good kisser are owner of healthy heart.  

Benefits of Kissing No#11

Kiss helps in doing best sex between a partner- The couple who kisses each other before doing sex it improves their romance between each other.

And famous sexologist P. John says sex without blowjob is not a sex. A couple can never get complete pleasure of sex like heaven without blow job.

Benefits of Kissing No#12

Kiss helps in sorting out misunderstanding between a couple- The people who have misunderstanding between each other should kiss each other to kick away their misunderstanding. The couple who does kiss in their misunderstanding they cannot fetch away their misunderstanding quickly.

Men, more than ladies, use kissing trying to end battles.

Benefits of Kissing No#13

Kiss improves our mood- After a whole day work and by getting harassment from our boss we feel very sad from our heart. So people who kisses their partner feel well after their whole day work. so we should kiss our partner to improve our mood or temperament.

Amid a lip-lock the cerebrum discharges DOPAMINE and which is in charge of sentiments of longing and holding, and serotonin that hoists your temperament. The sentiments and feelings blended up, and particles and chemicals discharged all through the body from a kiss can mend passionate “mistakes.”

Benefits of Kissing No#14

It decrease pain- It has been seen that kissing decrease pain. A person who is suffering in pain for some disease or may be some fracture or small cut decrease their pain by kissing their couple. So kissing helps a person in decreasing pain as because people started to forget about the pain and gave his mind and concentration on kissing.

 Sexual movement discharges torment lessening hormones and has been found to decrease or piece back and leg torment, and also torment from menstrual issues, joint inflammation and cerebral pains. One concentrate even found that sexual movement can prompt halfway or complete help of cerebral pain in some headache and group migraine patients 

Benefits of Kissing No#15

It improves bonding between a couple- The person who kisses each other improves their bonding between each other as they kisses each other after their whole day hard work . So its necessary to kiss our partner to improve our bonding. The couple who kisses their partner their romance increases and also increases the love between them which needed very much in  love or in marriage life. That’s Why a Prostitute never allows lips kiss during sex naturally.

When my wife kisses me, it’s like she’s telling me, ‘I love you‘ without words,” 

Benefits of Kissing No#16

Kiss fight against cavities- When we kiss saliva production increases in our mouth, and this helps to remove plaque on our tooth that may lead to cavities. That said cavity causing bacteria can also be transfer  through kiss, especially  if the person we are kissing has bad oral cavity habits. 

 Toss in a little tongue and you may keep the dental practitioner away. Kissing expands salivation creation and this spit washes away microscopic organisms that can bring about cavities, tooth rot, and plaque develop. 

Benefits of Kissing No#17

Kissing is transfer of happiness- When we fill happy we want to spend time with our partner that may be the reason of kissing our partner. It also true that some time when fill happy we come to our partner for coming closer which may become transfer of happiness through kiss. So kisses helps us in transferring happiness.

Benefits of Kissing No#18

Kiss helps to decrease allergies- Kissing helps in decreasing allergies it can be decrease by two different way.When a mother kiss her baby the skin allergies decrease due to IgE and cytokines in atopic patient.Another way is a couple kissing each other it also decrease each others allergy due to IgE and cytokine in atopic patient.So it shows that kisses helps us in decreasing allergies.

 Kissing diminishes IgE antibodies in the blood that are in charge of the arrival of histamine. Histamine discharge in the circulation system causes hypersensitivity indications, for example, wheezing and watery eyes. Along these lines, all the more kissing means less sniffling and histamine discharge. 

Benefits of Kissing No#19

Kiss helps in starting a relation-  In a new relation kiss helps a couple to make healthy relation.It often shows that when we start a relation their remains a gap between a boy and a girl thinking. So to ruin those gaps kiss is necessary between a couple to have a healthy and a beautiful relation.

Benefits of Kissing No#20

Kiss Improves heavy muscles power– One kiss needs a heavy muscle power. One kiss needs 146 muscles to coordinate,including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. A researcher said that kiss takes heavy muscles power  that one kiss needs 146 muscles to coordinate,including 34 facial muscles.

 It increases Flexibility of  muscle and also body.

 Benefits of Kissing No#21

Kissing calms us and gives us pleasure- Kiss increase the level of oxytocin which other way known as the love hormone and this love hormone calms us.Kiss helps us in giving pleasure as it takes two couple near.So it helps in having pleasure between a couple.

Benefits of Kissing No#22

Increases re-productivity In woman- Bodily fluid layers inside the mouth are penetrable to hormones, for example, testosterone. Through open-mouth kissing, men brought testosterone into a lady’s mouth. Testosterone is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the woman’s mouth and increases arousal and the likelihood that she will engage in reproductive behavior.

Benefits of Kissing No#23

Improve Probability Of Intercourse In woman Ladies utilize the power and recurrence of kissing to assess a man’s reasonableness for fleeting connections and judging the capability of a transient relationship developing into a long haul relationship. Men use kissing, particularly in fleeting connections, to improve the probability of having intercourse.

Benefits of Kissing No#24

 Aromatherapy- **Open mouth kissing advances salivary exchanges. Salivation contains salts, minerals, and different substances that make breath scent change as ladies advancement through their menstrual cycle. These progressions direct a lady’s receptivity to procreative exercises.

There comes out a unique smell from mouth and body of couples which attracts both of them and always keeps them closer and the smell makes kissing and the moment erotic and build up a feeling in them that they are made for each other . Sometime it acts like Aromatherapy.  

After Reading Benefits Of kissing Hope you will love kissing??? Is it so…. It should not be , an article can only enhance mood but liking is a feeling of inner self and desire of kissing your loved one means your RaatRani is need of soul and expression of love.

So kisses helps in having healthy life as it makes a people happier through romance. Kiss helps in having a tension free life as it helps in distracting our mind from the job and from the whole day busy schedule. A couple have a good or better life when romance is there between them and kiss is very much necessary in romance.But we should also remember that deep kiss is not good for our health.So we should kiss but before that we should know that both of the couple have any type of illness or not and we should also prepare our self  before kiss that really helps in a kiss. Thanks for reading our article 24 Benefits of Kissing now collect all the benefits..