Marketing is the key to a super successful exhibition however inefficiency and lack of expertise leaves room for multitude of errors. To guarantee success in a competitive market such as exhibition management in Dubai, here’re a few steps for a winning tradeshow.

  1. A detailed marketing plan

A tactical action and exhibition marketing plan is crucial to begin with. For powerful tradeshows in your corporate marketing operation, complete and proper alignment of strategic and exhibition plan is necessary. Determine what you actually wish to achieve that can be;

  • increase market share with current users
  • introducing new products and services to the existing shelf
  • promotion and market penetration strategies
  1. A persuasive promotional plan

Promotion is a significant part of marketing that’s executed before, in between and after the show. It’s unfortunate that most exhibitors fail to come up with a plan that corresponds to all three areas. Budget also plays a critical role to decide the type and scope of promotional activity you wish to execute.

A meaningful and powerful theme that fits perfectly to the marketing plan helps in taking promotional decisions. It involves knowing about the target audience allowing you to think over various promotional strategies directed towards specific groups. Consider broadcast faxes, direct mail, sponsorships, press relations, creative advertising and of course internet to reach the world out there.

  1. Effective use of direct mail

Believe it or not, direct mail strategy is still the most popular promotional strategy especially with big-time tradeshows and critical to successful exhibition management in Dubai. Most of the mailing pours from the show’s management list and the result is everyone getting everything that’s asked. Here’s how to exploit direct mail at its best;

  • customised customer and prospect list of participants
  • booth design must be appealing and coherent to the event
  • dispatch three pieces at regular intervals before the show
  • use top-notch mail delivery service
  1. Incentive for the visitor

Whatever the promotional means, make sure visitors find a reason to stop by your booth. It’s obvious that the exhibition hall or centre would boast fascinating products and services backed by time restrictions, there has to be an incentive for visitors but don’t overdo on this or you’ll end up exceeding the budget limit.

  1. Press relations

To generate large volumes of direct sales and enquiries, one of the most successful and cost-effective approach is public relations. Here’s what to do before the tradeshow;

  • request the team of exhibition management in Dubai for detailed media list to know about publications related to special tradeshows
  • come up with comprehensive and attractive press releases and corporate kits including details of the industry trends, statistics and key company contacts
  • deploy members having expertise interacting to the media and related technology
  1. Differentiating the products & services

With probably a dozen more competitors in the tradeshow, you need pushing to the next level with unique products and services, something more radical that customers never expected however in an optimistic way. Leave a lasting impression that compels the visitors to prefer you over others!


Let the tradeshow exhibition management in Dubai stall in the limelight by deploying the above strategies.